People always ask me ­––whenever I go on a girls’ night out, when I’m shopping for a new skincare product or just randomly through a text from a friend­­–– “Karen, how do you such clear skin? How do you handle a major breakout?”  I proudly deflect: “Lots of water and a clean diet.” But the […]

Throw back to baby, soft skin this summer before you hit the beach on swimsuits and bare faces. I present to you a scrub for you to try, one step closer to dazzling skin or should I say? one in many steps. The Ocean Salt mask comes in Lush’s signature black pots, not to ideal […]

“Sampo Generation” is it a term in South Korea that labels young men and women from ages between 20 to 30. The term literary translates to “give up” in reference to young Koreans who want to marry, purchase a home, and have children but are unable to because of their economic circumstances thus, placing an […]

We walk the streets of our city and see poster after poster of advertisements. We are used to them. They are part of our society. From satirical to sexual advertisements, we see them every day.  Yet when people see a mother and child in their most natural state, people get shocked and sometimes even offended […]

Working mothers face a grave decision upon their delivery date; you may have the good fortune to receive paid maternity leave; however, most mothers must make a drastic decision when paid leave is not offered to them. A twenty-five-year-old single mother named Maria Escalante is preparing to return to work just weeks after the birth […]